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I have now been a member of the Wealthy Affiliate community for almost 15 months since I joined on 18 June 2015 so I believe that I am more than qualified to give an honest review of Wealthy Affiliate.

There are so many reasons to love Wealthy Affiliate and I will share a few within this review:

  1. The Wealthy Affiliate community is the #1 ranked Affiliate Marketing Community in the World for good reason as there are so many helpful Friends that any questions that anyone has can and will be answered in a timely manner as the community is active 24/7 because of the worldwide reach.
  2. I have been a member at many sites and have never received any where near the amazing support from any of them as I have with Wealthy Affiliate.
  3. The training is beyond anything that anyone could ever find on the internet anywhere else for learning how to turn any niche into a profitable website that continues to grow and prosper.
  4. Wealthy Affiliate is beneficial to not just the beginner but also for the seasoned veteran as there are so many knowledgeable Friends within the WA community that learning happens every day.
  5. I believe that within the WA community we have many who are experts in a huge variety of Affiliate and Internet Marketing subjects creating an ongoing learning and sharing environment.
  6. At Wealthy Affiliate the websites are Free and a great tool to learn and try different themes, plug ins and styles of utilizing the WordPress platform.
  7. Wealthy Affiliate has been helping Friends earn an income online with Affiliate Marketing since 2005 and in the just under 15 months that I have been a member I have seen amazing improvements.
  8. I never plan to leave WA so when you sign up with this amazing site you will be able to have 1 on 1 access to me and I will be available to help in any way that I can.
  9. There are so many other wonderful things that I could share about my WA experience and the supportive community, awesome training in this review but then this post would become a novel.

One con that I need to mention is that WA can become very addictive and earning an income online with Wealthy Affiliate while interacting within the Awesome Community will keep you away from Facebook and other online sites.

Is Wealthy Affiliate a scam?

I will go ahead and answer the above questions right up front because I believe in getting right to the point and not beating around the bush.

Wealthy Affiliate not only isn’t a scam, it is by far the greatest online community on the internet and in the world for learning, support and creating an income from anywhere in the World.

Wealthy Affiliate is the only community in the world where you achieve an education in Online Business, build a reputation, interact with like-minded people, and have access to all tools required to achieve lasting success.

My Wealthy Affiliate Profile page - Click on mine to get yours
My Wealthy Affiliate Profile page – Click on mine to get yours

Wealthy Affiliate is by far the most cost effective site and community for anyone who is or has ever thought of getting involved with Affiliate Marketing & writing Blogs. No matter what you are passionate about and want to write about to share with audiences you can earn an income from home with the help of Wealthy Affiliate and all that is offered.

Have you ever thought about having your own website and blogging about what you are passionate about?

Yes, me too and that is why I have become a part of Wealthy Affiliate and have created an income with Affiliate Marketing.

Believe me if I can do it then so can you, all it takes is a little time and learning.

Wealthy Affiliate is an affiliate marketing community that teaches people how to build niche-specific websites and earn a regular online income from them.

Everything you need is included under one virtual roof at Wealthy Affiliate with step-by-step training, free websites, free web hosting, free Internet/affiliate marketing tools, free keyword tool and most importantly, 24/7 live support.

Best of all, it’s completely free to get started.

Wealthy Affiliate is suitable for people with all levels of ability, but is most acclaimed for helping complete online newbies or those who have previously failed with their attempts to make money online.

Wealthy Affiliate can be used by anyone from anywhere in the world by PC, laptop, iPad or smartphone.

No matter what your passions or interests are in life, they can form the basis of a successful website and affiliate marketing business at Wealthy Affiliate.

With over 2 billion people around the world searching the Internet at any given time, there will always be a percentage that share your interests and will find your website interesting and helpful – no matter how obscure or unique the topic might be.

The great news is that you can get started for free.

Building your own website is very easy with Wealthy Affiliate as well


Create your Wealthy Affiliate profile and I will see you there because at Wealthy Affiliate we all help each other to success.

Tony Lee Hamilton
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Thank you for viewing my Wealthy Affiliate Review, Our continued success is my daily Prayer!